The Vision


 Youth engagement continues to evolve and I wanted to continue the work while sharing in and discussing a variety of youth perspectives and decided to launch a new project that would impact marginalized youth populations. With a vision to create a larger community where youth issues are brought to the forefront, and with the help of a small dedicated team, “The Youth.Community.Culture” Podcast was created. It will feature weekly interviews with dynamic youth service providers and youth culture influencers.  This podcast is geared toward anyone looking to find innovative ways to support youth populations.

Host - Olu Quamina

With a background in social services and a career that includes mediation, advocacy and leadership in a variety of capacities, Olu Quamina brings over a decade of experience networking with schools, not-for-profit organizations, community stakeholders, children and youth. Much of his work is founded on the premise of prevention. His unique leadership style and youth-support strategies have worked extensively to decrease the amount of gang membership in the Alexandra Park community. He has been active in the community championing social issues through the development and implementation of programs specifically tailored to address the needs and issues of the developing child/youth. His many years dedicated to nurturing relationships with youth and community stakeholders have contributed to a deeper comprehension of the veins of support needed to encourage healthy sustainable communities. This invaluable experience has only emphasized his belief in the importance of team work and its’ ability to ensure an environment that supports and facilitates healthy development for children and youth.