Youth Community Culture Podcast w Olu Q

Ep 10 Olu Q

In this episode we discuss the unfortunate shooting that that took place at a birthday gathering held at private residence in the east end of Toronto. As a result 2 men were pronounced dead at the scene and the female celebrating her birthday was also injured in the shooting incident. With families and long time friends mourning their loss, many denounce the brazenness of the act, as the annual birthday celebration is regarded as an family oriented safe space in the black community. We explore themes such as, media discourses, community cooperation,police relations with the black community. The episode concludes with host Olu Q trying to determine the role of individual responsibility and community accountability. Press the play button below.

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“The Youth.Community.Culture” Podcast will feature weekly interviews with dynamic youth service providers and youth culture influencers. This podcast is geared toward anyone looking to learn innovative ways to support youth who are dealing with a variety of social issues. Stay tuned for more details Over the past 15 years I've had the privilege of engaging youth across the great city of Toronto. I've been inspired by their resiliency and strength, particularly when facing adversity. Youth engagement continues to evolve and I wanted to continue the work while sharing in and discussing a variety of youth perspectives and decided to launch a new project that would impact marginalized youth populations. Click Here to Learn More


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